£300 donated to Kingswood Food Bank

Since opening on 15th June, I've been selling face masks made by 3 local women who have been sewing like crazy to provide you all with face masks in a variety of fabrics!

One of the makers, Kathy, suggested we donate 50% of the sales to Kingswood Food Bank. Your support has been fantastic, and with your help, our first donation was £300 for face masks sold between 15th - 30th June! 

I met Kathy shortly after opening Eclectic and she has always been wonderfully supportive of the shop. She's now juggling work, family life as well as sewing and we're set to make a larger donation in August! 

Kathy said, "I’m so grateful for your support Nicola and all the lovely people who’ve bought the masks. I was truly humbled by the efforts of all the volunteers at the Kingswood Foodbank to support the families in the Kingswood and surrounding areas. The pandemic has pushed so many individuals and families to needing to supplement their diet with their weekly donations and in many cases that’s all they have."

Kingswood Food Bank is located in the Bourne Christian Centre, on the junction of Waters Road and Two Mile Hill Road.

Kathy's face coverings are made in four sizes with three layers of cotton and poly cotton for adults and two layers for children. They all have a nose channel and strip for a closer fit. They have adjustable elastic that goes around the head to save your ears, but can be converted to ear loops if preferred. 

Kid face masks are £8 each or 3 for £20. Adult face masks are £10 each and 3 for £25.

Due to demand, Kathy's face masks are available in-store only, alongside seven other makers providing a fantastic choice.
You can support a small business and buy some cotton face masks online too!

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