A grand day out in Wiltshire visiting Avebury Stone Circle and Henge

A Grand Day Out

Avebury is recognised as a World Heritage Site and it's easy to see why. The outstanding Neolithic and Bronze Age landscape simultaneously transports you back in time while feeling like there are lots of hidden secrets yet to be discovered in the future. 

Avebury Stone Circle Wiltshire

Despite today's questionable forecast it was a beautifully warm and bright day which made for perfect conditions to explore the stone circles and henge.

Small Business Owner taking time out in the countryside in Wiltshire

The stone circle is the largest one in the world built over several hundred years in the Third Millennium BC. It feels a little odd as roads run through its centre in both directions, but one of the roads is a lovely little High Street and village. The village is home to a church, some local shops, a church and a couple of museums, manor house and lovely old cottages. 

Avebury Village Community Shop Wiltshire

While the stone circle is one of the best known prehistoric sites in Britain, its not always widely been admired. Some of the stones were destroyed by locals during the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods, sometimes for out of fear of what they represented and what rituals might have been, or could be held - and sometimes for practical reasons to reuse the stone. There are markers in place of the destroyed stones. 

Sheep grazing in Avebury Stone Circle Wiltshire

Inside the large circle of stones are two smaller ones. All the stones are of different shapes and heights. Living among the stones are lots of sheep, peacefully grazing the grass all around them.

The outer layer of stones are encompassed by a henge - a circular manmade ditch and bank running along the outside. 

Exactly why the stones are there remains a mystery. To me, that's what makes this place so remarkable. 

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