Customer Photos - Staying Connected During Lockdown 2.0

Customer Photos lockdown

Did you know that only 20% of shopping is actually done online? We often hear that retail shops are a thing of the past - they're not. Our High Streets are constantly evolving to meet the needs of local communities up and down the country.

Many small business owners have adapted during both lockdowns and have grown bigger and stronger. We're more resilient. We've had time to learn something new and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, and act on customer feedback. It's not the end of the High Street, but it is changing, as it's always done. 

Let's hope that connecting with the community is at the heart of that change. It's a two-way thing. We need the community and the community needs us. I believe we are essential. Who wants to be left with bland shopping malls, supermarkets and city centre shopping destinations that are often just clones of one another? People don't connect in any of those places like they do on a small High Street. Where you shop matters, and it is time to get behind all those small businesses that make the world a better place. 

During this lockdown, I've connected with many new small business owners and have tried and tested mountains of new products and have selected the very best for the store. 

I've been rather square-eyed at times trying to juggle the new collections in-store while building the website and keeping on top of all the online orders. But it's all been worth it. It's all a learning curve. A constant juggling act. That's the thing about running a business, you have to be able to change, and change and change. 

I can't wait to open the doors again and I want to thank everyone who stayed connected during this time even though the door was closed. Thank you for all the orders, thank you for all the likes and shares, thank you for staying in touch and for all the lovely photos, videos and messages of support! 

Here are some of my lockdown photo favourites from you guys...


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