Lessons from Lockdown

Posted by Nicola Bartlett on

Three months ago, I reopened the doors to Eclectic Gift Shop and started welcoming you all back. Things definitely haven’t gone back to ‘normal’ but I’m embracing those changes.

We’re all changed by the events of 2020. I hear so many stories every single day about life during lockdown and what’s changed and still changing. No two stories are the same. My job is to listen and I enjoy being a part of a community and being able to do that. Somehow we all seem more alert, more aware of how we’re spending our time and what’s important to us. Many of us have been tested. We’ve all had opportunities to learn.

Lockdown has taught me that I can, and I should, relax. I enjoyed cooking more from scratch. I enjoyed reconnecting with local areas I hadn’t explored since childhood. One of those places was Kingswood Park.

 Some of my earliest memories are here. Every single visit felt like a ginormous adventure. I was always so impatient to arrive so I could spend the afternoon running around the grass, in between the trees, up and down the steps and round and round the flowers.

It’s where I spent my most recent birthday in lockdown, lying in the sun. It’s where I’d walk and appreciate the little things; the birdsong, the flowers, the trees. If it hadn't been for lockdown, I very much doubt I would have walked back. 

Most importantly, it’s the first place I held my little nephew after being unable to do so for so long. He’s now six months old which means, like the rest of my family, we were unable to see him when he was born.

I’m always striving to make the shop more welcoming, more interesting, more fun. Now I’m striving even more to relax, to spend time with those I love and to appreciate everything in front of me. How we spend our time is so important. Time is all we have.


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