Meet the Maker - Carla

Posted by Nicola Bartlett on

And just like that, a whole month has passed since I opened the doors and welcomed everyone back into Eclectic. It's been such a wonderful month. Crazy, but wonderful. To end the first month, I'm delighted to welcome a brand new artist to the Eclectic family. 
Carla is inspired by nature and her surroundings and works in oils, acrylics and watercolours. There's a wonderful selection of her prints, mugs and cards in-store, and some of her prints are available online too. 
Carla has a very unique style and her journey as an artist began at an early age. She grew up in a small village in the English countryside. The village sits on the top of a hill with magnificent views of a city on one side and rolling hills, valleys and lakes on the other side. Spending time within these environments had a huge influence. She also has influences from the Caribbean island of Trinidad where her Mother's side of the family are from, with ancestry originating in India.
Carla paints and draws in a style that is bold while capturing the delicate quality of nature, as well as her personality. She paints typically English or tropical flora and fauna for this reason, sometimes with the accent of gold leafing or intricate patterns as a hint of her Indian ancestry.
Carla said, "I'm very excited to be selling my work in Eclectic Gift Shop. I enjoyed visiting several times before and had much more time to create new work during lockdown. It's wonderful to showcase my work alongside so many other artists and local businesses."