Buzz the Bumble Bee Fused Glass Badge or Magnet Fused Glass

Made by Lucas

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Buzz is the friendly type, always trying to catch your eye and give you a wink. Though Buzz loves to play practical jokes on his friends, he is also the one they all turn to when they need a helping hand. In recent times Buzz has started to pay much more attention to taking care of himself, and takes pride in his super shiny stripes. Best not to mention his experimental phase when he tried wearing orange and green stripes instead of black and yellow!

Buzz measures approximately 3 1/2 com by 4 cm, and while his body is just under 1 cm deep, his eyes stick out of his head by about another 1/2 cm (but don't tell him I said his eyes stick out, he'd never forgive me!). The photo shows part of a ruler to try and help show the scale. Buzz didn't enjoy having to pose with the ruler - he said that it made him look like a criminal. 

Buzz would be a fantastic gift to a friend for a birthday, or just to let them know that you've been thinking of them. This could be a stunningly original gift for someone who is difficult to buy for, and would also be a great fun gift for a nature loving child. Small and light enough to be happily popped into an envelope with that birthday card for your nephew, or for a personal and unique gift for your child's favourite friend of the week.

The Buzz magnet is very strong - it can securely hold eight sheets of ordinary A4 paper on a vertical surface such as your fridge door without sliding or falling off!

Buzz is made to order, so please allow 1 - 2 weeks for dispatch.