Edward the Dinosaur (Ed the Friend-ly-a-saurus) Fused Glass Badge or Magnet

Made by Lucas

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This is Edward the Dinosaur (but he prefers to be called Ed). He is one of the last remaining friend-ly-a-sauruses, and just loves to make friends! He has gorgeous rich green scaly skin all over his body, which is really handy because he loves to play hide and seek in the depths of the forest! Ed is a little self conscious because he says his tooth sticks out, but we've been trying to explain that there is nothing wrong with this, and his tooth is so lovely and white it shows what an excellent job he does brushing it, don't you think?

Ed would be a thoughtful and original gift for a child, or an adult with a sense of humour. You could easily keep Ed safely hidden until a birthday, or other occasion when he would come in handy. Ed is small enough to be tucked into a card and sent to a nephew without causing too much fuss, and Ed has just asked me to point out that just because he is a boy that doesn't mean only boys like him - girls love him too!

Ed will arrive at your door beautifully packaged. He measures approximately 3 1/2 cm by 2 cm, and his body is just under 1 cm deep, but when you include the magnet or safety clasp and Ed's eye, this depth measurement increases to about 1 1/2 cm. 

If you're considering choosing an Ed magnet you should know that these are very strong magnets - just one Ed will securely hold eight sheets of ordinary A4 paper to a vertical surface such as your fridge door.

The nature of the materials used to create Ed mean that he is an original, and no identical friend-ly-a-saurus can be made.