Nursery Times Crinkly Newspaper - A day out in Bristol

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A unique new baby product! And perfect gift to pop in the post!

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​Nursery Times is a cute, new cloth book designed to look like a little newspaper. Babies will enjoy looking at the fun illustrations and rhyming text. They love the crinkly sound!

Grown ups! You'll love it, It's safe, lightweight and machine washable. It even fits in your pocket or handbag. A great little pacifier for when you're out and about!

​The easy-to-hold, crinkly pages make it a gorgeous sensory toy for children with visual impairment or special needs too.

The newspaper has been around for decades and despite our ever changing technology it’s still a part of daily lives. Babies love to mimic their parents and grand parents so Nic and Jo thought it would be nice to create a product like a little newspaper which would not end up as soggy chewed up inky, paper mess!

Board books are heavy for young babies to hold. Being so light, it enables babies and children to hold it independently, and the crinkle fill encourages them to turn the pages and engage in the content. 

Each title has six pages of cute bright illustration and simple rhyming text. There are now over 30 titles in the range. Each little newspaper is packed in a simple cardboard package with the Nursery Times branding making it a perfect gift to pop in the post and for travelling. A great sensory product and suitable for babies and pre schoolers.

30cm x 20cm. CE tested and machine washable.