Pink Leopard Print Arc Wood Necklace with Silver Chain

Wooden & Acrylic Jewellery

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A simple yet striking modern necklace, made from a custom laser cut walnut arc shape on a silver chain. The front is hand painted in pink with navy and gold leopard print details. The back is left the natural walnut colour, with a coat of varnish.

The walnut wood curved shape is hung from a sterling silver chain, which is fastened with a silver fastening.

The arc shape measures 120mm wide from tip to tip and the depth is 11mm.
Chain length is approximately 46cm.

The wooden shape is sealed with a clear sealer to bring out the grain, and the edges are dark from the laser cutting process.

The necklace is made by hand in Bristol, UK, and packaged in a sturdy recycled brown Kraft box.

As wood is a natural material the colour may vary from the photo slightly.

Please avoid water.