Somewhere Over The Rainbow Minature Fused Glass Art Suncatcher

Regular price £8.50

We all know the song, and the ultra glossy and reflective properties of glass seemed the perfect medium to bring it to life! There are individual fragments of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and purple glass, spaced out along the length of the miniature suncatcher, which is then wire wrapped complete with a loop. This is not the angle at which we usually see a rainbow - it is just a sliver of colour instead of the all encompassing arc that can be created by the sun and the rain. Seeing only this tiny sliver serves to remind us that we often do not know the whole story, that there are often facts which we do not appreciate, and that a sliver of a rainbow is still beautiful and enchanting.

This suncatcher would bring some individuality to an otherwise standard window, and look particularly effective if two or three are hung next to one another, channelling the sunshine into a wonderful dance of colour and movement in your rooms.

This would make an amazingly original gift for a friend, perhaps for their birthday, or just to let them know how important they are to you. A lovely small token of appreciation for your child's favourite teacher - or at this price, perhaps for several of them! This suncatcher would make a stunning gift for a child, whose bedroom could be transformed into a rainbow. It can be really difficult to decide what to get for those children you don't see often, and this suncatcher will be easy to post, and a great surprise for a child who is used to opening a birthday card and finding some money, to find a glossy glass rainbow instead! It could be a 'thank you' gift for the neighbour who looked after your pet when you went on holiday, to bring colour and light into the wintertime, or a gorgeous and memorable housewarming gift.

These minature suncatchers measure 1.5 - 2.5cm wide, and 6 - 10cm long (plus another 2 - 3 cm for the wire loop). If you'd prefer yours to be at the beefier or more petite end of the scale, let us know in the notes at checkout, otherwise we'll select one at random. If you'd like a length of ribbon to hang the loop from then let us know and we'll be glad to include one - tell us your preference of silver, white, red, or green.