Colour Friday

Colour Friday

Tomorrow it's exactly one month until Christmas. I'll be taking part in Colour Friday - the independent alternative to Black Friday.

Business Owner celebrating Colour Friday by Holly Tucker

It's impossible for me to slash the prices within the shop because I pay each business owner fairly for everything on the shelves. Instead I'll be handing a little gift to the first twenty customers in the shop tomorrow ❤️

I've often said that running the shop is like being part of a movement. Many lament the loss of variety on our High Streets and manufacturing in the UK, but we can all do something about it. 

Buy gifts that have been lovingly created by someone and will be treasured for years to come, not thoughtless mass produced gifts that are destined for landfill.

Choose independently made and know that those business owners will use their profits to pay their taxes, bills, put food on the table and spend it locally - where it matters.

Colour Friday at Eclectic Gift Shop Bristol

In a recent poll, over half of the UK's small businesses feared this Christmas would be their final one trading. Some of the small businesses I work with have already closed down this year with more considering doing the same.

As independent business owners, we truly appreciate every sale, no matter what size. It all adds up and makes a difference. Imagine a world where the only options remaining are large corporations. It's not what any of us want. Vote with your money and shop with those vibrant, independent businesses that make the world a better place. We can all make a difference.

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  • Fiona Thatcher on

    Your shop is a blessing on the High Street. We don’t need anymore Beauty Parlours, Nail Salons, Barbers. We need useful shops. That sell amazing products made by Local Artisans.
    Along with Goldings & Pzazz you’re the best shop in the High Street.

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