COLOUR FRIDAY: The Alternative to Black Friday

Colour Friday

I’m taking part in COLOUR FRIDAY: the alternative to Black Friday. I won’t be taking part in Black Friday because it’s impossible for me to do so. I can’t slash the price of items in half and then slash them again. I can’t do this because I work with an incredibly talented group of artisan makers and creators. By choosing them over mass produced items manufactured overseas, I ensure that money goes back into the local economy – where it matters. By championing their work, I ensure they receive most of each sale: and that’s the way it should be. I pay them fairly for their beautifully made jewellery, glass and ceramics crafted by hand. I pay them fairly for their local art and cards. I pay them fairly for their craft beers, ciders, spirits, hampers, handmade chocolates and awesome tasting treats. So no: I can’t slash my prices for this one weekend because everything is good value all year round.
I can offer you a fun, joyful shopping experience this COLOUR FRIDAY, and all year round. I can offer you a carefully curated collection of 100 independent businesses in Bristol and beyond. I can offer you art, cards and gifts that have been lovingly made and painstakingly developed by small independent businesses.
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From today, I’ll be there with you every single day, chatting and laughing, having fun until Christmas. I’ll be putting my heart and soul into striving to offer you the most diverse collection of locally made, unique gift ideas in Bristol and beyond. I’ll be doing my best to support local, creative businesses. It’s not how I planned it, but for very good reason, I’ll be there every single day. Yes I’ll be tired at times. Yes mistakes might happen – but I’ll be there. I’ll be showing there is an alternative to Black Friday. There is an alternative to large chains putting profits before people. It’s been a tough couple of years for independent High Street cafes, pubs, restaurants and retailers. Vote with your money this Christmas. Spend your money in those colourful, vibrant businesses that help to make the world a better place.

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