Large Agapanthus Art Print
Agapanthus Art Print

Large Agapanthus Art Print

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A wonderful art print of Agapanthus and Alliums Art Print. This would make a wonderful gift for a keen gardener or someone who loves nature. It's perfect for bringing some nature indoors. 

Sold Unframed

Available Sizes:
  • A5 (£15.00 - fits a standard A5 frame)
  • A4 (£25.00 - fits a standard A4 frame)
  • A3 (£40.00 - fits a standard A3 frame)
  • A2 (£70.00 - fits a standard A2 frame)
  • A1 (£90.00 - fits a standard A1 frame)

Meet Lynette Bower

Born in Keynsham, Lynette has lived and worked in and around Bristol all her life. A Science teacher by profession for over 20 years she has always had an interest in art and whenever possible experimented with different techniques. Her interest in botany (including at the microscopic level) and love of plants, beautiful gardens and landscapes has inspired her paintings. They are mostly created in acrylic on canvas in a style based loosely on pointillism.

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